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Vintage Handle Skipping Rope (Red Rope)
Traditional skipping ropes hand made in the UK. Our retro style ropes are made from natural materials and the handles are recycled mill bobbins. These vintage skipping ropes are great fun for kids and adults alike with a range of lengths including a playground rope.
Vintage Handle Skipping Rope (Red Rope)

Vintage Handle Skipping Rope (Red Rope)

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We are thrilled to have developed a range on skipping ropes for our 'Let's Play Collection', and our Vintage handles are particularly special.  Reclaiming a new use for vintage wooden bobbins, these pieces are a beautiful mix of past and present, using specially braided Yorkshire made Rope no less! The vintage handles have a beautifully worn aesthetic which adds to the 'old school' charm.

Our CE marked skipping ropes give everyone, whatever age, the excuse to get outside, blow away the cobwebs and get active in the most fun way.  NOT JUST FOR KIDS!!

Our 'playground ropes' are designed to get small groups and families playing together -go retro and see how many of you can skip the rope at once! ('The 'large' could be used as a smaller version of this, with two people swinging the rope and one skipping in the middle)

The Skipping Ropes come in FIVE sizes -

  • 'The Mini': 7ft (2.1m) Rope - for heights under 4'8.5"
  • 'The Small' : 8ft (2.13m) Rope - approximately for heights 4'9"- 5'3.5"
  • 'The Medium': 8ft6Inches (2.44m) Rope - approximately for heights 5'4"- 5'9"
  • 'The Large' : 9ft (2.74m) Rope - approximately for heights 5'9.5"-6'3"
  • 'THE PLAYGROUND ROPE' : 15ft (4.6m) Rope, designed for small groups/families
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(PLEASE NOTE: These size guidelines are only a general guide as length preference varies from individual to individual.  As we can't make a different size rope for every possible height or if you're on the border of sizes, go for the longer option and if your rope comes out a little long for you, go old school and tie a knot in it to shorten it - works a treat and means the rope can grow with your child(or you!)!

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