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Bannister Rope FAQs

Q How long is a Bannister Rope?

All of our bannister ropes are custom made and so can be made it to the exact length you order.  To calculate the length of bannister rope you need for your stairs, measure the length from where you wish your first bracket to be positioned to where you wish your last bracket to be positioned - please note that this does not include the knot, which will be on the other side of the first and last bracket (when working out where you want your first and last brackets to be, allow space at either side for the rope ends)

All ropes tend to stretch slightly in use, creating a slight drape.  If, however, you require a marked drape between the support brackets, please add an extra 5% to your chosen length.

Q What diameter is a Bannister Rope?

Both our 3 strand standard range and Luxury wool Bannister Ropes are 30mm in diameter.

Q How is the rope fixed to the bracket?

The rope is fixed to the bracket by means of a cross-screw. The screw passes through the outside of the bracket, through the rope and then fixes into the main body of the bracket.

Q  How many support brackets do I need?

For a straight staircase, we recommend one per metre plus one extra. e.g a four metre rope will require five brackets.

For Corners: If your bannister rope is to go around a corner, then the length needs to be adjusted accordingly and an extra bracket is required. When entering the number of corners the length plus the number of brackets will automatically be adjusted.  However, please alter this number to suit your design if required. The brackets are normally fixed 6" - 8" (15 - 20cm) away from the corner of the wall.

Brackets will be fixed to the rope at equal distances UNLESS you specify otherwise in the "special instructions" section before you complete your order.

Q  How should the support brackets be fixed to the wall? 

We recommend the use of our wooden mounts, one for each support bracket. You only need to provide suitable screws and rawl plugs for fixing them to the wall - 2 screws per wooden mount. 

We cannot give specific advice or instruction on the installation of the bannister rope, as all walls are different; We strongly recommend that the work of attaching the fittings to the mounts and attaching the mounts to the wall is carried out by a competent builder or joiner.

Q  Are yarn samples available? 

Yes, we will gladly send samples of yarn so that you can see the exact colour and feel the texture. NB, Colours on your screen may vary slightly from the actual rope colour - If you require samples then please forward your name and address by email to: heather@kefi-store.co.uk

Q What Rope Ends Do I Need?

Rope ends are required by building regulations as the knot and the splice stop the rope from giving way when under tension. We can offer Two types of rope ends:

- Man Rope Knots

A Man rope knot is a specialist knot which is tied at the end of the rope, secured into position by a rope fitting. Once the bannister rope is complete these knots should not be undone as the knots will not fasten back the same way.

- Spliced Soft Eyes

Spliced soft eye involves loop being formed back on itself at the end of a rope, which is then spliced into the rope to form a secure connection, it is then finished by whipping the splice to give it an attractive finishing. A rope fitting will be secured into position at the top centre point of the eye when manufactured. Once the bannister rope is complete these soft eyes should not be undone as they will not fasten back the same way.

Q  How long is delivery?

Bannister Ropes are normally despatched by carrier within two weeks from receipt of order.  

Q  Do Bannister Ropes comply with the Building Regulations

As part of our Quality Control Policy, we have each bannister checked after it has been made, before it is dispatched to the customer; as such all our bannister rope leave our factory complying with building regulations. It is vital that brackets are never moved from behind the knots as this would compromise their compliance to building regulations.  Due to the information given in this FAQ page, we cannot accept responsibility or liability for how bannister rope are fitted/installed and the moving of any brackets after leaving our factory.

Q  Can a Bannister Rope be cleaned?

If necessary, we suggest vacuum cleaning to remove dust. We do not recommend wet cleaning but gentle sponging with warm soapy water may be used to remove marks.



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